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Timber is a material which has been employed by mankind in many years and practically for ages. It is one of the most ideal creation of nature. It is renowned for possessing its unique properties, releasing energy and exuding its natural beauty in any form.


Windows and doors made of timber will certainly last for many years and impress us with its durability, high quality and natural beauty. 
Our offer includes products manufactured from pinewood, oak and meranti.



Pinewood  is one of the most frequently selected material to manufacture windows. It is marked with endurance, light fresh colour, good processing and shaping properties, its resilience and good technical durability. It is recommended for customers who value traditional solutions and economical use.



Meranti  is the exotic hardwood from Indonesia. It is marked with excellent humidity resistance and durability. It is renowned for its specific timber features and it looks really stunning when it is coated with translucent paint. Its density depends on species and it can reach values from 300 kg/m3  up till 1050 kg/m3. It is recommended for places exposed to humidity.




Oak  is the best building raw material among domestic hardwood, better than pine and larch. Oakwood is hard and resistant to abrasion. It is marked with high durability and resistance to changeable weather conditions.








Square timber of three, four or five layers glued with D4 class water-resistant adhesives which counteract window’s warping. The structure is based on a modern POLSTOL system in conformity with the technical approval ITB AT-15-6671/2005. 



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