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ISOLAR has been on the European market for 40 years and it is perceived as the biggest combination of Europe’s average producer of glazing and insulation glass.


The following types of glazing are available:

(heat-insulating glass, energy saving)

Saving energy through thermal insulation of glass. Saving energy is a more up-to-date topic than ever. No other building product has improved its thermal-insulative capability than combined multi-pane glass, which gives greater possibility of saving energy.Three parameters influence the thermal insulative properties of ISOLAR-NEUTRALUX thermal insulative glass, produced by ISOLAR group. The most important one is highly insulative thin layer of precious metal. The other factors responsible for thermal insulation are the optimum space between panes and the kind of precious gas filling the space. An essential rule applied here is, the lower Ug coefficient, the better thermal insulation. This layer not only significantly determines thermal insulation, but is also responsible for NEUTRALUX letting a lot of sunshine into the building and using it as additional contribution to heating. Thus, NEUTRALUX brings passive sunshine benefit. Thermal insulative glass raises the comfort of living, as the lower U coefficient, the warmer is the inner glass surface in its upper part, provided it is cold outside. Along with excellent thermal insulation, ISOLAR-NEUTRALUX can be also provided with sound-absorbing or force-resistance (anti-burglary) properties. ISOLAR-NEUTRALUX thermal insulative glass posesses a highly thermal-insulative layer made from precious metal, and for better effect can be filled with precious gas in its space between the panes.

(sound absorbing glass)

More comfort with soundproof insulation. Noise is becoming a real plague for humanity. We pay a high price for mobility in our society. The noise of cars, trains and planes, but also machines, TV sets, radios and house equipment is omnipresent, even when we sleep. If we already don’t notice it consciously, our body reacts through the nervous and circulatory system, our pulse and blood pressure. Unfortunately, not every kind of noise can be suppressed in its source. That’s why buildings need a sound-absorbing outer layer and indoor sound-proofing devices. ISOLAR_AKUSTEX offers a complete palette of products for noise protection with the use of glass. Sound-absorbing AKUSTEX glass is applicable in windows, fasades and indoor finishing. The sound-absorbing function of combined AKUSTEX glass is obtained through the use of panes of different thickness, or through filling the space between the panes with special gas. Moreover, the sound-absorbing AKUSTEX glass contains in its standard a highly thermal-insulative layer in the space between the panes. Thus, it effectively deals with noise, and you can save the heating energy. AKUSTEX – the ISOLAR sound-absorbing glass, through the asymmetrical pane construction, special gas filling of spaces between the panes and the right distance between them, or even additional combination of glass and liquid resin, fulfills all the demands concerning protection against noise. A diversified palette enables individual choice of noise protection means.

(sun glass)
Saving energy and aesthetic form Windows are the „eyes of the house.” It is the front elevation that gives face to the building. SOLARLUX ISOSLAR sunproof glass offers an ideal connection of functionality and shape of the window and elevation. Sunproof glass, on a par with the other kinds of glass, connects the outside with the inside. For that reason, solarproof glass has a possibly high light permeability. At the same time it prevents or slows down the heating of glazed interiors. Extreme temperatures are not typical of the Central European climate, neither in summer nor in winter. That’s why SOLARLUX glass contains layers which not only reduce the solar heating of interiors but also ensure better thermal insulation. As a re sult they keep the heat in its place. SOLARLUX sunproof glass may be equipped with sound-absorbing or anti-burglary properties. SOLARLUX ISOSLAR sunproof glass acquires its properties thanks to the optimalized layer on the glass surface. The structure of the layer or its combination with a highly thermal insulating layer on another glass surface enables the ideal connection of solar protection and thermal insulation.

(impact-resistant glass)

Protection agaist burglaries. It has been long claimed that glassed parts of the building were the weakest when it comes to any kind of interference from outside. Thanks to the possibility of using burglary proof glass and proper technology, special protection has been offered to banks, shoping malls and other retail trade shops. The burglars’ response, however, has been to target private houses and flats more often. It is the main reason for the demand for simple but effective protective precautions, which can be applied without excessive expenses. ISOLAR MULTIPACT offers a complet palette of burglary proof glass products adequate to all the expected kinds of protection in both public and private sector.
MULTIPACT A is the glass of anti-burglary properties, resistant to being hit by heavy objects.
MULTIPACT B is anti-burglary glass protecting against the application of percussive drills.
MULTIPACT C type glass includes all kinds of glass that have been tested to protect against different kinds of gun shots.
MULTIPACT D is specially designed to reduce the effects of explosions, resisting the explosion hit wave.

(fire-fighting glazing)

ISOLAR-ARDOREX fulfils all the requirements for fire-resistant glass. The construction core is created by a frame made of steel pipes. Different kinds of boards serving heat insulation and fire-resistant glass mounting consist of porous mica, a material which accomplishes its task in fire protection in building. ARDOREX consists of two panes, between which fire-resistant substance is placed. In case of fire, after couple of minutes the glass turned to fire chips off, and fire-resistant substance foams and loses transparence.

(decorative glass with light diffusion properties)

With light dispersion and light directng properties. Glass and glassed surfaces connect interiors with the outside world. Energetically effective usage of day light belongs to the most demanding tasks of design. Multifunctional glass surfaces are designed to take over multiple tasks. ISOLAR DEKOREX with light dispersion and light directing properties helps the effective day light usage.

(optimum heat insulation with vacuum engineering)

VACUREX vacuum panels are elevation elements of extremely high thermal-insulative properties and similarly to combined glass, can be used in all kinds of elevation constructions. They differ from commonly used vacuum panels by the application of completely new materials and innovative technology. Pirogenic silicon acid is a material of high porosity level, from which, in result of compression, extremely small globules are formed. Additionally t here appear countless empty areas in the globules, which are only big enough to contain very few gas molecules. This kind of advanced thermal insulation of micro-porous silicon acid is aditionally improved by air releasing compression of the globules, forming them into plates and packing in hermetic aluminium foil. Modern technology of combined glass protects those fragile plates from any damages. VACUREX is a merge of modern thermal insulation technology and unlimited architectural abbilities of materials such as glass.


(current-generating sun glass)


VOLTARLUX is a set of solar energy modules, which are transparent elevation elements, which can be installed in the same way as conventional glass elements, in all sorts of constructions. The only difference is, they are a solar power station, which produces electricity every day, also in case of cloudy weather. Additional benefit: due to innovative technology of a thin layer with amorphous silicon, the modules are so precisely set that they seem to be transparent for the human eye. This is how VOLTARLUX suppresses excessive sunlight without any additional shade systems or sharp shadow stripes.


There is a possibility to replace the inter-sheet spacer with the “warm edge” made of high quality thermally optimized organic materials. They cause the temperature increase at the pane surface and prevent the water condensation. The “warm edge” gives the window esthetical look by its opaque surface in colour matching the timber.


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