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Our range of services includes manufacturing and delivering wooden windows, wooden-alu windows and wooden doors.


In the company work highly qualified engineers and highly motivated employees on the production. The organization and the management of the firma „Świebodzin Fabryka Okien Drewnianych Line Sp. z o.o.” works according to the KAIZEN system and has the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 since 2006.


Our company is equipped with machines for wooden processing of the firms SCM Group, Michael WEINIG AG, HOMAG Group and POLZER Verleimungstechnik.


The production is based on manufacturing according to the following quality norms:
PN-EN 14351-1+A1, PN-EN 1628, PN-EN 1629, PN-EN 1630, PN-EN 1026:2001, PN-EN 1027:2001, PN-EN 12211:2001, PN-EN 12210:2001, PN-EN 12207:2001 und PN-EN 12208:2001.


There are 3 production floors in our factory:

On the 1. production floor one formats, shapes and sinks wooden windows. One also whittles and glues windows. A polishing phase also takes place here.
On the 2. production floor wooden windows are impregnated and polished again. Lastly wooden windows are painted.
On the 3. production floor items are sealed with gaskets and fitted (also with drip caps). Window frames are put together with window casements. Then, items are glazed and siliconed. Lastly one cleans windows.


Our suppliers of scantlings work with modern production technologies and they ensure the highest quality of products. There is used wood with FSC and IFT Rosenheim certifications.


Our range of services includes products of pine-wood, meranti-wood, oak-wood, larch-wood and spruce-wood.
Our available profiles of wooden windows: Standard 68, Softline 68, Retro 68, historical profile, Line 78, Thermo Comfort 92.
Our available profiles of aluminium-wooden windows: Gemini Linear System, Gemini Quadrat, Gemini Classic System, Gemini Quadrat FB, Gemini Integral.



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