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mullions and muntins

Ornamental muntins and mullions, which are used in a window construction fulfil an ornamental function.
They make a window separated in a aesthetic way. Additionaly they reinforce a window conctruction so that we can install bigger window casements. In our offer you will find everything you wish to have in your windows.
Externally applied muntins – are sticked on a glass at both sides in connetcting places. Within the pane set there is a board imitating a natural window division. These muntins imitate separate window pane sets with an aluminium frame inside the pane set. This frame divides a window pane according to a division, which is made by wooden elements. Externally applied muntins are available on individual customer request. There is a possibility to make them with various dimensions. Available muntins' widths are: 26mm or 20-40mm.

Glass dividing mullions – divide a window sash into separate fields with separate pane sets. Available mullions' widths are: 65, 82, 100, 115 and 135 mm.

There are many options of mullions' usage:


- they are applied in housing and modern building on account of aesthetic virtues; they make a window division,
- they are used in every windows, which should be made more beautiful and also in windows which make building architecture more attractive and give it the right feature,
- renovations of old building.




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